Featuredimage 9 Biggest Networking Events Every Entrepreneur should Go To - 9 Biggest Networking Events Every Entrepreneur should Go To
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9 Biggest Networking Events Every Entrepreneur should Go To

Events, summits, conferences, and exhibitions are a great opportunity that cannot be overlooked when you want to meet potential business partners. Expanding your circle of contacts and listening to the most influential people within the business world, has never been so easy to do.

Below you will find a list of some of the most important networking events that you cannot miss if you want to grow your business.

NY Tech Meetup

On the first Tuesday of every month in New York City, you can find entrepreneurs, hackers, and investors who will be speaking about the latest businesses in the city. During 5 minutes, each company or enterprise will be able to talk about their news and services.


From June 22nd to 25th in the city of Toronto, the seventh edition of one of the fastest-growing technology conferences in North America will be held. If you want your business to grow quickly, this is the best place to get everything you need to make it happen.

140 Characters Conference

Once a year in cities like New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Tel Aviv, you can enjoy this conference where everyone shares their knowledge and experiences in 140 characters. Everything you need to know about business is here, in real-time.


Four times a year in cities such as Baltimore, Boulder, Dublin, and Sydney you will be able to hear 5-minute talks where people talk about StartUps and profitability.

CEO to CEO Breakfast Forum Series

Every month in Seattle, you will find these breakfasts offered by CEOs and business owners that will allow you to interact with them and participate in table discussions. All this while enjoying a delicious breakfast accompanied by your favourite cup of coffee.

Lean Startup Circle

Every month, cities like Chicago, Boston, D.C., New York, London, and Los Angeles, are the stars of conferences where entrepreneurs share ideas on product and market development. The Lean Startup methodology is based on the idea of quickly releasing prototypes for testing in the marketplace and believing in feedback to improve them.

Social Media Week

San Francisco, New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong local social media gurus come together to offer the latest network developments, during February and September. You will be able to enjoy information related to emerging media, digital culture, and mobile phones.

Under30CEO.com Meetups

Every month in communities in the United States, Europe, India, and Thailand, young entrepreneurs of all ages meet, sometimes in a bar, to exchange ideas.

Entrepreneur Commons

Entrepreneur Commons offers conferences at an international level. Every month, in countries such as England, Germany, Spain, and India, major entrepreneurs come together to share projects and support small entrepreneurs. In the United States, San Francisco is the protagonist of these monthly meetings.

Although contact through the Internet is essential, attending any of these events will give you more presence by making yourself known in person. Being yourself is the key factor to attract all the clients you want, without leaving aside respect and courtesy.