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Startup Drinks was born from the brilliant idea of our founder Douglas L. Huynh. He became interested in the business world at a very young age while he was selling lemonade at his small stand in front of his house.

Over the years, Huynh studied and reinforced his knowledge of business, while advising small and large businesses within his native country, Canada.

Gradually, during meetings with entrepreneurs and business owners, he realized that there must be some way to connect with all the business people in the country. He wanted to help those who could not travel to meetings because of time and distance. Also, we plan business meetups for startup company owners.

After meeting and discussing his ideas with several prominent internet experts, Startup Drinks was born, as the favourite magazine of business people and entrepreneurs in Canada.

Startup Drinks is a magazine where everyone can participate and share information, new ideas, and advice about the business world, at any time, anywhere in the country. Having the chance to connect with potential business partners from the comfort of your home or business, without having to take a flight for a specific meeting, is magical.

One of the most outstanding features of Startup Drinks is the passion of its readers to know more about the business world. Owners of small and medium-sized businesses in the country are loyal readers of our magazine.